Final line up for 11th October – all welcome!

Here is the final line up… really fantastic mixture of people, institutions and topics!

Michael Terwey, National Media Museum on their
plans for exploring media and the First World War

Claire Jones, Director of the University of Leeds Museum of History of Science, Technology and Medicine introduces the museum’s current work

Antonia Lovelace from Leeds Museums and Galleries speaking on ‘Voices in Asia a new gallery display for Leeds City Museum in 2014’

Tina Richardson, a PhD student at University of Leeds and co-ordinator of Leeds Psychogeography Group on ‘Alive and Kicking: The Legacy of Woodhouse Cemetery

Kate Whitworth on ‘York Minster Revealed – reinvigorating learning in a place of worship’

Alice Lambert, just graduating from the University of Leeds MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies course on her research ‘To Sell or Not to Sell: That is the Question’

John Bibby, local historian based in York who will be doing his three
minutes on Yorkshire Snippets – Elmfield College (Primitive Methodist) and Karl Pearson (Quaker yeoman?)

Eleanor Okell, University of Leeds who will be speaking on ‘Bringing
Research to Life’ and coming fresh from her Leeds Light Night “Classical Stories Live in Leeds”

Jen Kaines, Leeds Museums and Galleries discussing a project run with the University of Leeds, ‘Registrars: Training for the Future’


One thought on “Final line up for 11th October – all welcome!

  1. Alice lambert says:

    Excellent event with some really interesting speakers and a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, I wait in anticipation for the next one!

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