Next Heritage Show + Tell, 7th February, 5-7pm

The next Heritage Show + Tell event will be 7th February, 5-7pm, Discovery Centre.

We already have some willing volunteers, who will tantalise and fascinate you through summing up their work in 3 minutes:

Iona McCleery (University of Leeds) ‘You Are What You Ate: Sustainable food lessons from the past’

Malcolm Chase (University of Leeds) ‘Northern Star: Leeds’ pivotal role in world newspaper history’

Michelle Lees (National Media Museum) ‘100 Years of Indian Cinema’

Daniel Martin (Leeds Museums and Galleries) ‘The Future for our Locomotive Collections’

John Tanner (Barnsley Museums) ‘Experience Barnsley’

Sharon Bainbridge (West Yorkshire Textile Heritage Project) ‘Building sustainable links across museums, industry, academia and more’

Zsuzsanna Reed Papp (The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery)‘Lavender Sabgalle’s Blog from 1912: What (more) can a fictional person do for a Gallery?’

If you too would like to volunteer to share your work, then get in touch. We ask that you use your three minutes and three powerpoint slides to answer:

– What are you working on?

– Why is it exciting? / What are you stuck on?

– What are you looking for?

All very welcome on the night, just turn up and refreshments will be provided!


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